Hannahs Journey Ralph Coonrod

ISBN: 9781622872114

Published: October 1st 2012


133 pages


Hannahs Journey  by  Ralph Coonrod

Hannahs Journey by Ralph Coonrod
October 1st 2012 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 133 pages | ISBN: 9781622872114 | 9.64 Mb

HANNAHS JOURNEY is a masterfully written account of immigration from the Black Forest area of Germany to the New World by the authors ancestor, Hannah Conrad Author Bio: Ralph graduated from high school in Frankfort, Ohio. Frankfort was the former site of a Shawnee Indian village and, even earlier, a village of the Mound Builders, an ancient Indian tribe. Some of the mounds are still visible today. It was a village where Joseph was kept during part of the time he was a captive of the Shawnee. Ralphs father was born and grew up near the town of Knockemstiff, Ohio (yes, its on the map), just a few miles from the road Hannah and her family were taken west as captives of the Shawnee.

Ralphs family has held many of their reunions at Seip Mound (also built by the Mound builders) in Ohio. Its a few miles east of the Seven Caves area where Joseph made his first escape from the Indians. The Seven Caves is also where Daniel Boone was kept part of the time as a prisoner after the Shawnee tribe captured him. After he moved to Kansas, Ralph built houses on some of the same land that was given to Blue Jackets tribe when they were relocated from Ohio to Kansas.

The main park in the town of Shawnee, Kansas, is called Blue Jacket Park. In St. Genevieve, Missouri, the house where Hannah lived when first taken there, is still standing and is on the National Register of Historic Places. keywords: Indian Wars, Suspense, Adventure, Pioneers, Settlers, Captivity, Shawnee, Early American history, Indian Tribes, Torture

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