My Guiltiest Pleasure Velvet Gates


Published: March 28th 2013



My Guiltiest Pleasure  by  Velvet Gates

My Guiltiest Pleasure by Velvet Gates
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Eva never thought much of her best friends boyfriend, Alan. She hadnt really taken any notice of his incredible body and handsome looks. That was, until Alan and his girlfriend finally broke up, prompting him to invite Eva around.When Eva arrives, she very much likes what she sees. Alan, on the other hand, knew exactly what he was getting, having secretly coveted Eva since the beginning of his ill-fated relationship. But will feelings of guilt and shame over their awkward situation hamper their lust for each other?WARNING - This 5,600 word erotica contains scant scenes of betrayal, guilt and shame, quickly superseded by a sizzling account of how built up forbidden love can result in sexy, messy consequences!

With the well-endowed Alan desperate to please Eva, and Eva incredibly curious to see just what kind of man her best friends ex is, its little wonder that the result is not intended for those under the age of 18!“But why does Grace have to know?” I said, thinking out loud. The moment I said it, I realized what I had done and regretted it.

But it didnt seem to matter to Alan- if anything, he was waiting for it.“You’re right, Eva... why does Grace have to know? I’m a free agent,” he said.“And so am I...” I replied, suddenly feeling incredibly amorous.Almost without warning, Alan eased my body down onto the comfortable leather sofa, placing his hands firmly but lovingly on my waist as he did so. I felt utterly helpless to his desires, to his wants... these were needs of his that had been bubbling up for some time.Now, he was finally taking the long-awaited opportunity to get rid of these needs.

I could feel his heartbeat accelerate, almost as quickly as mine, as he placed his full, fit body on top of mine and looked down into my eyes, as if waiting for a reaction. My face, locked into one of unbridled need and desire, probably told him exactly what he wanted to know.Then, he raised his hands up from my waist and placed them onto my blushing cheeks, stroking my face tenderly and with purpose, looking deep into my eyes. My heart was leaping further and further the more I looked at this man.

How could I have thought he hated me? He wanted me, and I him. I was a fool to be so blind to it. But not anymore...He finally leaned in to kiss me, delicately pushing his tongue into my readily accepting mouth and exploring it, caressing and cavorting with my own tongue.

It was deliciously sensual, and the forbiddance of the kiss only made it all the more sweet and exciting.It was just all so pleasurable... to have his well built body on top of mine, kissing me with all of the pent-up want and passion he’d been holding for the last year and a half. I could feel how much warmer Alan’s body was getting, even through my clothes, as he kissed me so wildly and passionately that I thought I was going to die of anticipation...

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