7 Best Scout Scopes | Long Eye Relief Scout Scope (2023)

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Are you searching for an excellent scope for your scout rifle? You have come to the right place. In today’s post, we will be looking at the best scout scopes in the market. Walk with us and discover dedicated optics designed to improve the performance of a scout rifle.

Scout rifles are bolt-action carbines earlier on chambered for the .308 Winchester, .350 Remington, or .243 Winchester. However, modern scout rifles are chambered in every kind of caliber expanding their shooting applications.

The rifle can hit a large target that is out to 450 meters without being equipped with a scope. With a scope, it can take out further targets with utmost precision. Scout scopes are made for shooters who value speed.

What Makes a Great Scout Scope?

Scout scopes are niche-specific and so have unique attributes that distinguish them from other rifle scopes. One outstanding feature of a scout scope is its lightweight construction. The compact design enhances portability.

For hunters, this is a great incentive as they get a practical shooting solution centered on carrying comfort. Besides scout rifles are relatively shorter and don’t need an optic that weighs down on the rifle platform.

Another facet of an excellent scout scope is quality construction. This is important in enhancing the durability of the scope while strengthening its performance. Low-powered scopes are great for scout rifles.

Scout rifles are generally do-it-all firearms used in hunting, personal defense and survival. In close-combat situations, you need accessories that sight in quickly and deliver pinpoint accuracy when you take a shot. Low-powered scopes and red dot sights are very resourceful in such situations where a killer first shot is needed.

Finding the best scout scopes can be a daunting task as the market is flooded with so many options. No need to worry, we did the weight lifting for you so you can have an easier time finding a scope for your shooting needs.

After an in-depth combing of scout scopes in the market, we came up with a top selection of scout scopes that we believe will be excellent partners for your scout rifle. Let’s dive in!

1) Leupold VX-Freedom Scout 1.5-4x28mm Riflescope

7 Best Scout Scopes | Long Eye Relief Scout Scope (1)

Leupold is one of the brands with a solid reputation in the scope industry. Leupold VX-Freedom Scout 1.5-4x28mm Riflescope is one of the best scout scopes. This scope is designed to meet the demands of modern shooters and delivers the precision needed to give the shooter an upper hand when it matters the most.

The scope is manufactured with quality glass that provides lucid and bright images. A fully multi-coated lens reduces glare and minimizes color distortion to deliver the brightest images. The lenses are protected by a scratch-resistant coating that keeps them clear for life.

Another positive attribute of this scout scope is the Twilight Light Management System centered on optimal light transmission. This unique system collects as much light as possible and provides an extra twenty minutes of visibility at dawn and dusk.

As one of the best scout scopes, the VX-Freedom scout riflescope means business. You will love the Duplex reticle in this scope. The thin and thick outer posts draw your eyes to the center quickly. This helps you acquire your target rapidly, which is pertinent for hunting ad close combat situations.

Leupold VX-Freedom is a scout scope of its kind. The ample eye relief lets you shoot confidently without worrying about kickbacks. Thanks to its low-light capabilities, the scope is suitable for hunting with your scout rifle.

Like other Leupold scopes, it is made with durability in mind. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, you are guaranteed a solid and sturdy optic that is rigid and tough.


  • Duplex reticle
  • 1/4 MOA adjustment turrets
  • Scratch-resistant lenses
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Made of highly durable materials
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Clear glass that delivers bright images
  • Twilight Light Management System
  • Adequate eye relief
  • Waterproof and fog-proof performance
  • Variable 1.5-4x magnification
  • 28mm objective lens

2) Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x32mm Scout Riflescope

7 Best Scout Scopes | Long Eye Relief Scout Scope (2)

If you are a budget-conscious hunter, Crossfire II 2-7x32mm Scout Riflescope is the right optic for you. One thing you will love about this scout scope is the advanced technology integrated into such a small unit. Crossfire II 2-7×32 scout scope is feature-rich and delivers an outstanding performance in close-quarter shooting scenarios.

With a variable power of 2-7x, this scout scope can handle different shooting applications with utmost precision. This magnification range allows you to shoot at a distance between 200 and 700 yards. The 32mm objective lens allows ample light to pass through for bright and clear images.

When it comes to construction, Vortex understands the assignment and makes riflescopes of exception strength and sturdiness. Crossfire II 2-7×32 is no exception. It has a one-piece construction made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Unbeatable reliability is another highlight that cements Crossfire II 2-7×32 name among the best scout scopes. The tube housing the optics is purged with nitrogen and O-rings fully sealed to lock out moisture thereby preventing internal fogging when hunting in unfavorable weather.

The rugged design also helps the scope withstand shocks and vibrations to keep the scope functioning optimally for many years. Moreover, finger-adjustable windage and elevation turrets and caps allow easy zero-resetting. The turrets help you use this incredible scope without any hassles.

Lastly, the V-Plex reticle makes the scope, which lets you shoot with accuracy in any extreme conditions. The reticle is a second focal plane type meaning it remains the same as magnification levels change.

Overall, this is the best scope for a scout rifle, and it gives you more than enough features at an affordable price. Enhance your shooting experience with your scout rifle with a dedicated riflescope. Get the Crossfire II 2-7×32 today.


  • Easy to use
  • V-Plex reticle
  • One-piece tube construction
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Fast-focus eyepiece for rapid acquisition of the target
  • Affordably priced
  • Waterproof, shockproof and fog-proof performance
  • Versatile 2-7x magnification
  • 32mm objective lens
  • Finger adjustable windage and elevation turrets
  • 45 inches of eye relief
  • Hard anodized finish

3) Leapers UTG 2-7x44mm Scout Riflescope

7 Best Scout Scopes | Long Eye Relief Scout Scope (3)

Leapers UTG 2-7x44mm Scout Riflescope is made for discriminating shooters and hunters. This scope is built like a tank and delivers an incredible performance. The riflescope is made with extreme outdoor use in mind as it is nitrogen-filled, making it completely fog proof and waterproof.

You can have confidence that it will do what is expected even in harsh weather conditions. Being shockproof, it will also resist bumps and drops associated with outdoor use.

Additionally, it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, making it a high-quality scope. The scope is eminent as it has an Emerald coating on the lenses. This is primarily to enhance light transmission for clarity, sharpness, and resolution.

Its massive 44mm objective lens makes it a favorite for many shooters. This is because it provides a wide field of view and captures and transmits a lot of light. This allows you to see and engage targets hassle-free. You can surely depend on this scout for a wide range of shooting applications with your scout rifle.

The scope also has a unique LED illumination system that comes in handy when lighting is poor lighting at dawn and dusk. The illumination color is, in fact, fully customizable with 36 diverse choices, which you cannot find in ordinary scopes.


  • Mil-dot reticle
  • 25 MOA adjustment per click
  • 30mm tube diameter
  • 5 inches to 11 inches of eye relief
  • LED illumination system
  • Completely waterproof, fog proof and shockproof
  • Long eye relief
  • Lenses have an Emerald coating
  • Black matte finish
  • Variable magnification
  • It comes with a Dual-Color Mode
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum

4) Sightmark MIA 2-7x32mm Riflescope

7 Best Scout Scopes | Long Eye Relief Scout Scope (4)

Another much-admired scout scope is the Sightmark MIA 2-7x32mm Riflescope. The scope is made to deliver relentlessly in all conditions as it has nitrogen purging that ensures a waterproof, fog proof and shockproof performance. No matter how tough the situation gets, you will have peace of mind that this scout will be unbowed.

The scope further has a one-inch tube construction made of high-quality aluminum. Even when subjected to challenging situations, it will remain indestructible. With a high-grade optical system that is fully multi-coated, the scope delivers clear and bright images of the target.

The lenses are of high quality and scratch resistant for more protection. There is also capped reset turrets with ¼ MOA click for windage and elevation adjustments.

However, they are not lockable or resettable to zero. The scope uses a TDR reticle that is illuminated and found on the second focal plane. This means that it does change with changes in magnification.

Another great feature is the eyepiece which has a rapid rotation of power. The eyepiece rotates fully, letting the shooter grab any part of the eyepiece when there is a need to adjust the magnification. As the best scout scopes, the Sightmark MIA riflescope is highly adaptable and suitable for close to mid-range shooting applications.

The 2-7x magnification makes it perfect for close to medium-range shooting. A generous eye relief prevents kickback that would injure your eyes and brows. With the Sightmark MIA scout scope, you mark your targets faster and reticle illumination gives you the flexibility to extend your hunting into the magic hours.


  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • TDR reticle with red dot illumination
  • Adequate eye relief
  • Rotatable eyepiece
  • Entirely waterproof, fog proof and shockproof
  • Variable 2-7x magnification
  • 32mm objective lens
  • One-inch tube construction
  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • Scratch-resistant lenses

5) Burris 2-7x32mm Scout Riflescope w/ Ballistic Plex Reticle

7 Best Scout Scopes | Long Eye Relief Scout Scope (5)

Burris 2-7x32mm Scout Riflescope is made for shooters using the multi-purpose scout rifle. With a five-star rating when it comes to versatility and dependability, the Burris 2-7×32 scout scope is a top contender amongst the best scout scopes for hunting. The forward mounting design sets it apart from its competitors. This attachment is very resourceful when tracking moving targets.

The scope allows you to shoot with both eyes open, which reduces eye strain. This also helps you acquire your target quickly and offers better situational awareness. With its triple features of waterproof, fog proof and shockproof, the scope will suffice in heavy rain or snow and withstand heavy recoil.

When it comes to construction, it is made of highly durable aluminum used in top-notch scopes. This makes it ideal for use in tough environmental conditions. Rest assured that your riflescope offers excellent service for many years.

The scope is designed with high-grade optics for brightness and clarity any time of day. The state-of-the-art optical system incorporates high-quality glass that doesn’t compromise when it comes to light transmission.

Further, the lenses are coated to maximize light transmission. resulting in pristine views. A sharp focus will be the order of the day with this scout scope. You will love its compact design that will allow seamless transportation and use of the scope in the shooting ground.

Besides that, it utilizes a Ballistic Plex reticle that helps shoot targets with precision in all situations. You can do it all with its versatile 2-7x magnification range. Enhance the performance of your scout rifle with the Burris 2-7×32 riflescope.


  • The lens is fully multi-coated
  • Helps in fast acquiring of the target
  • Compact design
  • Waterproof, fog proof and shockproof construction
  • High-quality optics
  • Ballistic Plex reticle
  • Flexible 2-7x magnification
  • 32mm objective lens
  • Allows you to shoot with both eyes open
  • Made of highly durable aluminum
  • 2 to 12 inches eye relief

6) Feyachi Falcon 2-7x32mm Long Eye Relief Riflescope

7 Best Scout Scopes | Long Eye Relief Scout Scope (6)

Feyachi is a new entry to the scope industry but is already making a name. One of their top-tier scopes is the Feyachi Falcon 2-7x32mm Riflescope, specially made for the scout rifle. Bring to the table the highest levels of performance and reliability, Falcon 2-7×32 shines amongst the best scout scopes.

The scope hosts many impressive features that make it a perfect option for scouting. Let’s begin with its optics. The scope has fully multi-coated optics combined with anti-reflective coatings. This helps in glare reduction and light transmission simultaneously. As a result, you get bright and clear target images in all lighting conditions.

User-friendly compact design delivers a rugged performance giving you an upper hand in the field. The exposed turrets you the ability to make adjustments regarding windage and elevation in the most precise way possible.

Coupled with the BDC reticle, you get a practical solution that conquers all scouting applications. The reticle is a second focal plane, meaning it remains constant with changes in magnification power.

What’s more to like about Falcon 2-7×32 scout scope? The rigid construction. The tube is made of robust aircraft-grade aluminum bestowing the scope rigidity and strength to withstand all the abuse at it. Further, its lenses are scratch-resistant, which adds to its durability.

Moreover, the scope is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof. Even in bad weather, you can trust it to get the job done without letting you down. When it comes to recoil and impact resistance, it is up for it.

It is worth noting that it can be mounted to your rifle using standard one-inch rings. However, it doesn’t come with a ring, so you will have to buy it separately.


  • Fully multi-coated lenses coupled with anti-reflective coatings
  • BDC reticle
  • Easy-to-grip finger knobs for seamless windage and elevation adjustments
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Waterproof, fog proof and shockproof
  • Long eye relief
  • Scratch-resistant lenses
  • 32mm objective lens
  • 2-7x magnification range
  • Hard anodized finish
  • Fast focus eyepiece

7) Bushnell AR Optics 1-4×24 Riflescope

7 Best Scout Scopes | Long Eye Relief Scout Scope (7)

Bushnell AR Optics 1-4×24 Riflescope wraps up our list of the best scout scopes. It comes with features you need to bring the best out of your scout rifle. It comes with an illuminated Ballistic Drop Compensated reticle capable of hitting targets out to 400 yards. The reticle has adjustable illumination up to six settings to give you the perfect luminosity regardless of the condition.

Its optics are fully multi-coated and have anti-reflective coatings. This implies that they give you lucid and high-contrast images with exceptional clarity in all lighting conditions. Also, it has a fast-focus eyepiece that allows quick focusing of the reticle to acquire the target rapidly.

The scope comes with a lightweight and compact design that enhances the easiness of use and carriage during long hours of shooting. In addition, it has a waterproof and fog-proof construction. This means that it will do well even in extreme weather conditions. Further, it is shockproof, meaning it is built to endure any punishment.

A throw-down power change lever can be set to different heights. This makes the scope customizable as the rifle you mount it on. It has a 1-4x magnification suitable for shooting at short-range to medium-range distances.


  • BDC reticle with six illumination settings
  • Fully multi-coated optics with anti-reflective coatings
  • Waterproof, fog proof and shockproof performance
  • Throw-down, power change lever, allows easy magnification changes
  • Perfect for short-range to mid-ranges
  • Exposed turrets for adjusting windage and elevation
  • 5 inches eye relief
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Black matte finish
  • Variable 1-4x magnification
  • Fast focus eyepiece

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Considerations when Buying the Best Scout Scopes

Eye Relief

This is the distance between the rear lens and the eye and helps you get the full-sight image. For a scout scope, you need an eye relief of at least 9 inches so that the scope performs well. A scope without a long eye relief is almost impossible to use.


A simple reticle design with high visibility is pertinent when buying a scout scope. While the reticle’s illumination is unnecessary to pay attention to, it helps to quickly see no matter the light condition. It also enhances the contrast of the target image.


Unlike before, when scout rifles were used with the 2x fixed power magnification, presently they use both fixed and variable power scopes. If you opt for the fixed power scope, a 2x magnification scope is ideal.

A 4x magnification scope is adequate if you plan to shoot at a target at a little further distance. Choosing more than 4x magnification on a fixed cope will reduce the usefulness.

A variable power magnification scope, on the other hand, offers more flexibility to shoot in diverse situations. Choosing the 2x magnification for close-range shooting is very essential for the scout rifle.

Having the extra magnification scope is more beneficial when shooting in some situations like long-range shooting. A scope with variable 2-7x magnification is suitable for a scout rifle.

Quality of Lenses

A rewarding hunting experience is impossible without the perfect lenses that will give you clarity and brightness. You should also look at the diameter of the objective and ensure it is wide as possible.

A wide diameter permits more light to reach the scope, thus making your job of aiming for the target easily. Multi-coated lenses are also essential as they allow maximum light to pass through, leading to bright and clear images.


It is vital to have the ability to freely adjust your scout scope to the levels you want. Therefore, the scope should be equipped with the proper adjustment options available for you. The windage and elevation should be easily adjustable using your fingers.

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What Magnification Do You Need?

A scope with a 2-7x magnification will be enough. This is the most popular magnification level as it also gives you the best results. You can also use a 3-9x magnification. However, this is only an option if you can’t get the first one.

The 2x magnification will be efficient for shooting almost any type of target. That is similar to a 3x magnification power. Anything higher than this can add problems making your hunting session more challenging.

The 7x is the best as far as the highest magnification level is concerned. A 9x magnification is also good. A 7x magnification will suffice if you aim at 200 or 300 yards.

Scout Scope vs Regular Scope

What is the difference between a regular scope and a scout scope? Although the scopes share some similarities, there are a few things that distinguish between them. Firstly, scout scopes have lower magnification powers and will only serve you well in situations where you don’t need a higher power.

The other area where the two scopes differ is eye relief. Scout scopes have extended eye relief than regular scopes. Since scout rifles are predominantly used in close-range situations, the longer eye relief help increases situational awareness, facilitates quick target acquisition and allows shooting with two eyes open.

Scout scope also differs from regular scopes when it comes to light-gathering ability. The regular scope has a wide lens and therefore transmits more light. If you hunt at dawn or dusk, a regular scope is more suitable due to its superior light transmission. However, if you hunt during the day, a scout scope will get the job done.

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you settle for a scout scope that meets your needs and requirements. You can trust any products explained above as they are specially made for the scout rifle. It’s about time you get any of them and unleash the potential of your scout rifle.

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