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SEE IN THE DARK On A Budget! Checking out this budget night vision monocular / scope setup from one leaf! #budget #nightvision #scope

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How's it going guys welcome back to the pilot, Patriot channel in this video we're going to be looking at some budget night, vision, all right? Guys.

Welcome back now I've had this for a while now, uh, just kind of getting a feel for it testing it out and seeing if it was worth bringing to you guys.

Now, I, don't know, if you guys know this, but once you reach a certain point in YouTube subscribers, you start to get a lot of emails and stuff from companies wanting you to review their products.

Now, most of the time I, tell them, no I'm, not interested I'm, not going to push products out there that I'm not even interested in myself.

But this is one that really interested me.

So full disclosure I did get an email from this company called one leaf that makes this digital night, vision, monocular and rifle.


Now night vision is always something that I've really been interested in.

But the big problem with night vision is usually at the price point that things like this sell at they're, usually Out, Of Reach for your average person.

But this is different.

So I talked to the company and I, let them know that I'm going to give a fully honest review if I don't like it I'm gonna let you guys know if I do like it I'll, let you guys know so this.

This is the NV 100 plus night, vision system from one leaf.

And in this package you're going to get the digital night, vision, monocular, which has a whole lot of really cool features that I'm going to tell you guys about in just a minute you're also going to get a 3 to 12 by 56 millimeter.

Rifle scope.

That is actually a good scope now we're going to get in here, I'm going to tell you all about the specs, the features how this thing works and everything like that, and then I'll let, you know if I can recommend it.

If I think it's something that could benefit you.

But before we do that guys, if you haven't done it yet, make sure you hit that subscribe button down below hit that notification Bell and give us a big old thumbs up.

So let's get the main thing out of the way right off the bat is this going to be the best night vision out there, no it's, not, but does it work? Does it let you see in the dark? Yes now, I don't know about you guys, but see it in the dark is basically a superpower a system like this will allow you to see in the dark when nobody else can.

And that is a pretty amazing thing, especially at the price point.

Now this entire system here, the night vision and the scope come in at just around four hundred dollars and that's.

Pretty impressive for what this thing does.

And the capabilities that it gives you 400 is not bad.

Now there are a few different applications for a setup like this.

Now, this is definitely something that you could use if you are coyote, hunting hog, hunting things like that a setup like this would be perfect for something like that.

But you guys know we're, not just a gun channel.

Here we talk a lot about preparedness here on this channel and I really can't express to you enough, the value in having something like this in an shtf or emergency type situation where you are defending yourself, especially defending yourself at night or at distance so let's just play this out real quick.

If all hail is broken loose and you're in a without rule of law situation, a survival emergency situation, and you have things like civil unrest, Marauders people going house to house and murdering, raping pillaging whatever a scope like this with the night vision will give you a huge upper hand in a defensive situation, like that where they can't see you, but you can see them.

So a lot of applications for something like this, not to mention it's kind of fun just to walk around in the pitch black with night vision.

So you really have two different products here.

You have the night vision, monocular here, and you have the scope.

So you don't have to use these together.

This is a pretty decent scope that you could use with, or without the night vision for regular hunting and shooting and things like that.

But when it comes nighttime in Darker low light situations, and you need to be able to see you can use this just as a regular night, vision, monocular, or you can attach it to the scope now, it's, really super easy to do that.

It's got a couple lugs here that just interface with the scope.

You line those up give it a Twist, and she locks in place.

And now you have one total system now I'm going to be rolling in some footage looking through the night vision, looking through the scope things like that and we're going to get in here and we're going to take a closer look at the features, I'm going to show you how to operate it and everything like that.

But while I'm doing that guys, if at any point in this video, you decide you want to get one of these for yourself, I will have a link to it down in the description below.

So you can purchase one for yourself now, let's get this over to the table top and take a closer look now, there's a lot to look at here.

So let's, take a look at the scope first again.

This is a 3 to 12 by 56 millimeter, scope that has some pretty nice features.

So you have your regular magnification adjustment here on the back nice smooth movements there.

It doesn't feel loose or cheap or anything like that moving on up here, you have your windage and elevation knobs.

So you have a cap here that just comes right off.

Then you have your adjustments there.

Each click on this adjustment knob is going to be 1 8 MOA.

You get some nice, positive Audible and tactile clicks there I, really like the fact that you can adjust this just with your thumbs.

You don't need any kind of tool or a coin or anything like that.

You also have the ability to lock in zero on this.

So once you get this sighted in all you need to do is take these two top screws out and then adjust the knob back to zero, and then put the screws back in and that's going to lock you in at zero, then you can make your on the Fly adjustments from there.

Your windage is going to be exactly the same, and you have some good quality caps on there.

Now, over here on this side, you have a couple different things.

You have your Parallax adjustment here.

So whatever distance you happen to be shooting at you can set that knob and that's going to do a couple things that will help.

You get a little bit of a Sharper Image through the scope it'll also help to eliminate any Parallax that you're getting.

And then right here on this, outer knob that's going to be your reticle illumination.

This does have an illuminated reticle.

You can turn that illumination off.

And you can turn it all the way up to 11 brightness settings, just depending on how bright you want that illumination and that's going to be powered by your standard CR2032 battery.

It is going to come with your picatinny rail mounts to attach it to your rifle and it's also going to come with flip up, scope caps.

Now it does come with one for the back as well, but I took that off so I could attach the night vision module, I'm going to try to get you a view of the reticle here.

There you go, hopefully you can kind of see that there you have a nice Crosshair there with several hash marks each one of those hash marks is going to be one MOA I'm trying to do this with my phone.

So I, don't know that you're picking up the clarity of it.

But it is some nice clear glass.

Those trees you're looking at there are probably about three or four hundred yards away and I will try to roll in a more detailed.

Look at this reticle for you.

And this is a second focal plane reticle.

This scope is supposed to be waterproof.

Shock, proof and fog proof I'm going over to the coolest part, This, Is, Your, Night Vision.

This is the nv1 hundred digital night, vision, monocular, you have your battery compartment here on the front.

It is powered by a rechargeable 18650 battery right here on the front that is your IR Illuminator.

So it does have a built-in IR light to illuminate whatever you're looking at in the dark.

You can also adjust that by pulling out on it to focus in on that IR light have your eye cup here on the back.

And it does come with several different eye cups, just depending on what you want to use.

And then you have your controls here on the back at the top here is your screen.

Zoom so whatever view you're seeing in the screen you can zoom in and out there this button.

Here is also going to turn on your red laser.

So if you press that button once and see there is a red laser here on the front right here in the middle is your OK button for when you're selecting things on your menu, that's also going to be the button.

You push to record or take pictures, which is another really cool.

Feature of this is that over here on the side, it accepts a Micro SD card.

So you can record whatever you're seeing through this monocular.

You can record it and save it I'm going to be using that here in just a minute to show you the view through this monocular over here is your IR and color button.

So you can switch back and forth between a color picture and a black and white picture.

This is also you're going to be your IR adjustment button.

So you can increase or decrease the intensity of that IR light on the front down here at the bottom.

The magnifying glass is your digital Zoom.

So you can zoom in and out.

And then over here, on this side is your menu button and your playback button.

So you hit that to access your menu.

And if you press and hold it that's going to allow you to access any saved videos that you have on that SD card back here, right behind your eye cup is going to be the diopter adjustment.

So what that's going to do is that's going to allow you to adjust the clarity of the reticle that you're seeing through this object and then down here on the bottom, this wheel is going to be your objective Focus so that's going to allow you to focus in on the image if you're looking down range, and you have a blurry image, you're going to adjust this and that's going to adjust the clarity of your image.

This adjusts the clarity of your reticle Now to turn it on you're, just going to press and hold and I can see that screen lighting up on the inside now I'm going to switch over and give you an idea of what you're seeing actually through this monocular all right guys so we're recording now.

And you can see it's, pretty blurry there.

So I'm just going to use my adjustment knob here to adjust that.

And as you can see you're able to get a nice clear image here, there's, my truck, this does record at full HD 1080p.

Now you can see I am on the color, setting right now I'm going to switch over to the black and white all right now we're in black and white mode.

And as you can see this digital night, vision does not like traditional night, vision like a PVS 14 or something like that, where if you have it on in the light it's, not going to damage anything because it is just a digital image all right guys.

Now, here's the view through the actual scope I'm, gonna try to hold this as still as I can for you guys.

So you can get accurate representation once you attach it to the scope.

You are going to need to readjust the clarity of the image.

Those green pine trees you're seeing off in the distance.

There are probably about 300 yards away, I'm at the three times magnification, right now, I'm going to go ahead and zoom on into 12 times magnification.

And then again, you just adjust Clarity of that image.

There you go nice, clean image.

You can also readjust the clarity of your reticle again.

We do have the option to go to black and white mode.

This is what you're going to use with that IR light at night time, I'm also going to be showing you some footage here in the dark.

So you can see what this looks like at night.

All right, you can see my dog running out there.

This is a side by side.


The left is what you can see with my cell phone now I'm going to give you an idea of what this is like side by side comparison walking into my shop here, the lights are out completely in the shop as I look around here.

You can see nothing over there on the other side of the room, just to give you an idea with an indoor setting completely dark.

Now, this is where this thing really shines when you have a human walking in front of it, it's just amazing the difference in what you can see through the night vision and just how clear this image is all right guys now I'm in an area with my yard with no artificial light at all.

You can see the side by side comparison on the left is my cell phone.

But to me it is pitch black out here.

And if you look with the night vision, of course, you're seeing my lawnmower trailer over there, tractor there's, my wood shed, there can't see the wood shed at all with the naked eye, the back of my shop here.

Now, even though I can see the vehicles over there and I can see the house you're seeing it better through the night vision.

Now, let's look out here across this field, it's a huge difference.

Guys all right looking out across the yard in this direction.

Look, you can see my dog there can't see him at all with the naked eye.

But with the night vision, you can now this side by side footage is really what sold me on this product.

Now I realize as you're looking at this.

Obviously this digital night, vision, doesn't, give you perfect clarity or anything like that.

But the fact is you can't see at all without it and that's good enough for me all right guys that is it for the NV 100 plus now just to give you my final thoughts, uh, I, like it I like it.

A lot actually I think this is a great system.

Uh, is it going to be the best night vision available out there? Uh, probably not.

But at the price point, it's, I think it's going to be really hard to beat.


It is digital night.

Vision, it's, very different from something like your military PVS 14s or something like that.

But like I said, at the beginning of the video, this lets you see in the dark and that's just amazing to me, I think, it's pretty good quality.

The construction of it itself.

I think it feels good and solid.

It feels like it's, good quality.

It doesn't feel cheap to me or anything like that.

I think the image quality on.

It is pretty good, especially at night.

It really went far beyond what my expectations were for this thing and you're just getting a lot of value for your money.

You're getting the night vision, monocular with all of its features, you're also getting that 3 to 12 scope again, each of these can be used as Standalone prod products.

But when you put them together, it makes a pretty effective system for nighttime, hunting coyote hunting hog, hunting things like that.

And especially for those just in case, emergency situations, the only negatives I really had was at 12 times magnification I had a hard time.

Really focusing in on the reticle I didn't have a problem focusing on what I was looking at that was no issue and I could still see the reticle, but I had a hard time.

Getting a nice crisp, clear image of the reticle at 12 times magnification that doesn't mean, I won't be able to with this mounted on a rifle when I have a little bit more stability.

This is made in China.

You need to know that, but overall for the price.

And for what you get for your money, I think it's definitely worth having and I think it's going to be a great addition to my emergency preps as well.

So that's it for the NV 100, plus from one leaf again, I'm going to have that Linked In the description below if you want to get one for yourself, let me know what you guys think in the comments section.

Thanks for watching guys, please like share and subscribe and we'll.

See you next time.


Budget Night Vision System / NV100 Plus? ›

Night vision scopes can render higher-resolution images than thermal scopes. They use ambient light sources or the IR to help you see in the dark. Through night vision scopes, you can easily detect your targeted game even if there are other moving objects since, you are getting almost the actual image.

Are night vision scopes worth it? ›

Night vision scopes can render higher-resolution images than thermal scopes. They use ambient light sources or the IR to help you see in the dark. Through night vision scopes, you can easily detect your targeted game even if there are other moving objects since, you are getting almost the actual image.

What are good night vision scopes? ›

Best Night Vision Scopes
  • Firefield NVRS 3×42 Night Vision Riflescope.
  • ATN Thor 4 384 2-8x Thermal Scope.
  • Sightmark Ghost Hunter 2×24 Night Vision Monocular.
  • Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot.
  • Steiner Offset Tactical Aiming Lasers-IR.

What is better for coyote hunting thermal or night vision? ›

Thermal gives you much better detection, while night vision gives you much better identification. Several people, including myself, choose to run an ATN OTS Thermal monocular for detection and an ATN X-Sight 4K for ID and shooting purposes.

How long do night scopes last? ›

Compared to other generations, Gen 1 is the best if you're on a budget but you're going to notice a loss in quality and how clear the image is and have darker edges that are distorted. You can expect a life expectancy for Gen 1 night vision of around 1,000 hours.

What night vision do snipers use? ›

The SPARTN-E has been ruggedized for use with most Sniper Weapon Systems. It is ideal for extended range target detection and identification, observation of environmental indicators, and is capable of tracking bullet trajectory making it the preferred Night Vision Device (NVD) for the Sniper or Reconnaissance role.

What magnification is best for night vision? ›

Best image quality in conventional night vision technology is usually obtained at 1x (normal vision, no magnification) to about 3x. Field of view, image steadiness and overall ease of use is also better at these lower magnifications.

What is better thermal or night vision? ›

Thermal gives you much better detection, while night vision gives you much better identification.

What color do coyotes see best? ›

Coyotes are color blind by nature and because of this, the best color light for coyote hunting is red. They have a hard time seeing green as well, but red is a better color because it is a higher wavelength and gives you some "buffer" from the cut off of what wavelength light their eyes are able to see.

Can deer see infrared night vision? ›

Deer cannot see infrared light well, making them significantly less likely to be spooked by infrared trail cameras than white flash.

What color is best for hunting coyotes at night? ›

Red Light – Red light may provide a better eye shine than either white or green light. Using red lights at night for coyote hunting is probably the most traditional way to go, and it's less likely to affect your own eyes during the hunt, reducing eye fatigue.

What does the US military use for night vision? ›

The PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular is the current military issue night vision goggle for the US armed forces. It is also the preferred choice of many foreign (NATO) forces.

What does the military use to see at night? ›

Military night vision goggles are used by infantry personnel, special forces operators and other members of armed forces to provide enhanced vision in the dark and in low levels of light.

How far can you shoot with a night vision scope? ›

Even when using the best generation, you'll only be getting out to 300-400 yards max. There are some great long range scopes out there, but not for near total darkness. You'll also get to choose from green or white phosphor.

Does the FBI use night vision? ›

For example, law enforcement pilots flying both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters for a variety of federal agencies, including the DEA, the Border Patrol, and the FBI's storied Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) commonly fly with night vision.

What night vision do Army Rangers use? ›

The Rangers are wearing woodland Multicam BDUs and AN/PVS-15 night vision goggles mounted on their helmets.

What night vision do Marine Raiders use? ›

The operator is wearing a MICH 2001 helmet with PVS-15 night vision goggles (NVG) attached. Clothing includes railed a MARSOC woodland gen3 combat suit and combat gloves.

What color lens is best for night vision? ›

Driving can cause a strain on your eyes especially at night because of the lights of oncoming traffic. So what is considered the best lens color for night driving…well, there are 2 options; either a clear lens with an AR (anti-reflective) coating or a yellow lens with an AR coating.

Why are military night vision so expensive? ›

Producers take advantage of military business contracts and always try to keep the prices high when selling the products. However, manufacturers spend lots of money on improving the technology to meet all latest demands and needs of military forces. It provides precision-controlled hunting.

What color lens for night vision? ›

Night driving glasses are special glasses that may help you to see better at night while you're driving. They're usually yellow-tinted and don't need a prescription. They often have an anti-reflective coating.

Can thermal see through walls? ›

Can thermall imaging see through walls? Walls can block infrared rays. This means an object cannot be seen on a thermal imaging camera when hidden in the walls. The infrared rays cannot pass through the walls, which makes the person invisible on a thermal imaging camera.

Can thermal night vision see through walls? ›

No, thermal cameras cannot see through walls, at least not like in the movies. Walls are generally thick enough—and insulated enough—to block any infrared radiation from the other side. If you point a thermal camera at a wall, it will detect heat from the wall , not what's behind it.

Which is better thermal or night vision scopes? ›

Thermal is best used to detect the desired game object. Night vision is best used to recognize, identify and harvest the game only if facial recognition is required or for deer depredation. If you have your choice of options, thermal imaging is the best twenty-four hour imaging option.

Can I use a night vision scope during the day? ›

Does Digital Night Vision Work in Daylight? Digital night vision does work during the day, however, some devices have a lens cap that you have to put on with a tiny hole in the middle so that not too much light comes into the objective lens and gets registered by the camera or the sensor.

What color is best for thermal scope? ›

Thermal Camera Color Palette Options

White hot is the most popular palette option and it's used primarily for hunting and surveillance. The image displayed shows warmer objects as light or white and keeps colder objects darker to provide enhanced definition.

Can thermal scope see through grass? ›

It also cannot be used through glass (i.e. a car windscreen or window), and grass or leaves often easily obscure animals.

Do thermal scopes work better in the cold? ›

Generally speaking, clear skies and good weather conditions during winter will allow you to see farther with a thermal imaging camera than in summer.

Why is night vision illegal? ›

Night Vision and Thermal devices fall under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or ITAR for short. To make a long story short, the goal here is we don't want these powerful devices to fall into the hands of our enemies.

Can you see antlers with night vision? ›

Check the area – Using night vision to see if animals are around your stand, before you get out of the vehicle, is a great idea. At times, we suspected there were animals nearby. We were amazed with the number of animals we saw. Locate bucks and bulls – With both devices, we were able to see if the animals had antlers.

Does night vision help in fog? ›

Night vision cameras don't work in dusty, foggy, or smoky conditions. Dust, fog, or smoke will obscure the image.

Can you see deer horns with thermal scope? ›

Typically, deer have antlers so the thermal should be able to definitively tell you that none of your deer have horns. With a thermal, you can see the antlers when they are growing in and there is blood running in them. When they stop growing and harden you most likely can't see them, especially at any distance.

Do you need an IR light with a night vision scope? ›

Night Vision does require some sort of light (moonlight, ambient light, infrared light) to provide a clear and bright image.

How far can you see with a 1 by 4 scope? ›

With the ability to get an accurate sight picture from 100-500 yards, this scope is perfect for close quarters combat and mid-range situations. That's what makes it so great for your AR-15 and 3-gun competitions.

Can you see snakes with thermal imaging? ›

Snake. Snakes are cold-blooded for a reason—they barely show up in thermal imaging! (That's a human arm that's you're seeing in yellow.) While there are thousands of different kinds of snakes, they all share the trait of using external heat sources to regulate internal temperature.

What is the difference between infrared night vision and night vision? ›

Thermal scopes use infrared radiation to detect heat signatures, while night vision scopes use an image intensifier tube to amplify the faint light present in the dark environment. The image intensifier tube amplifies the light and allows night vision scopes to provide a clear image even in low-light conditions.

Does night vision work in total darkness? ›

In short? No. Night vision devices work by amplifying the available light in a given area, so if there's absolutely no light to amplify, then your night vision device turns into an expensive blindfold.

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