Factory CZ457 to competition ready | What upgrades increase accuracy? (2023)



Well, Howdy Folks, thanks for joining the Eagles Nest.

Now, I got a very interesting video.

Something I think you guys will actually really enjoy.

And we are basically going to be taking out a brand new out of the box.

Cz 457.

This is a synthetic stock model.

The very base model about 500 bucks is what I paid for.


This CZ 457 like I said, is bone stock.

The only thing that I did on this is put a area 419, 40 MOA rail as well as a bolt knob.

But the question I've always asked is what upgrades actually make a difference for your Precision Rimfire rifle so we're going to take the bone stock CZ 457 out of the box at 50 yards, shooting SK, a rifle match as well as ele 10x and then we're going to go ahead and drop it into an ACC chassis.

Now, this is a pretty much a pretty expensive upgrade looking at a chassis cost around a thousand one hundred bucks and we'll see what that does as far as accuracy we're.

Then also going to test maybe The Simple Solution will be a tuner.

Now, this is a EC tuner version.

One we'll, go ahead and install it on the factory barrel and see if we can get that thing tuned in what kind of performance.

We could get we're also going to go ahead and try out a suppressor.

So I get a lot of comments.

A lot of emails for requesting suppressor use on a Precision Rimfire rifle it's been my experience that a suppressor actually will hurt accuracy in the long run, but we'll give it a test today.

So I have a thunder, Beast arms takedown 22 that will go ahead and install on the factory Barrel as well.

And then the last thing we're going to install is going to be a brand new Barrel.

This Barrel is a heavy Contour.

It is a Douglas 1 in 14 twist.

This is my notchless Barrel.

So you guys can see there's, no grub, screw relief.

Cuts chambered with a jgs match chamber 24 inch length double recessed Crown.

So it is not threaded.

So like I said, Fresh, Off, The, lathe, we'll, see what kind of performance.

We get we're just swapping a barrel into the chassis into the CZ 457 and see if that upgrades the performance downrange as well.

So you guys will like this one stick around we'll get to it all right.

So before we do anything we're going to make sure the grub screws are actually torqued down 35 inch pounds.

So we'll make this a fair test.

So I took the barrel to action off, um out of the synthetic Factory stock.

And we are going to go ahead and torque.

These things down exactly 35 inch pounds using a borka tool kit that I have here.

So I believe, this is a factory, 20 inch barrel, a very skinny Contour, super super thin, but they still have it threaded half by 28.

So good job CZ on that one.

So let's, go ahead and get this thing to torque down and we'll get it back into the stock all right.

So I just finished up actually zorring out the scope, the scope that I am using is a validata G2 Mini.

Now, this is a new offering very awesome little, scope that I'm finding out to be 34 millimeter tube, Val data rings.

And it sits on top of the area, 419, 30 MOA base with the Aero 409 bolt knob Factory configuration, shooting SK rifle match, 50 yards, let's, see what she does.

Oh, one other thing we're shooting off a bag.

So my dumbass forgot, they bring a bipod today.

So we're gonna go old school and shoot off a bag.

Hopefully I can hold a group let's start off with the center.

Here I'll point it out on the video eyebrow mag is all I got so let's, see if I can hold the group here I got a cold bore shift for sure, um now, these aren't the best range conditions, but we are going to do what we can do all right, let's, Loop.

Another, five more and let's see if that improves all right let's go over to the line on the right there and shoot another five shots here at the SK rifle.

And these are I feel pretty solid I think, uh, it's, just not like it does ammo.

Oh it just stacked three in the same hole and we're having a cold boar shift for sure all right it's coming together.

We'll shoot we'll, go ahead and shoot another.

Five more.

It seems like this Barrel is, um showing to be pretty damn accurate with the SK rifle.

Hi let's.

See if the other two follow, yeah, there's, definitely a cold war shift.

So you could definitely see at the pattern it's about the same.

Yep, foreign on that one one more all right so looks like it's, definitely over MOA.

That was three five shot.

Groups, Factory configuration.

Let's, go ahead and throw the suppressor on and see what that does.

So one thing about thunderbeast arms, they recommend a 0.430 10 in length for the thread.

I can definitely tell that is a lot larger than 0.430, but let's, go ahead and load up.

Five more see what kind of uh, Port of impact chip we have.

And if the groups do improve that's, uh, one of the things I've always wondered, you know, I heard a lot of folks talk about suppressors improving groups.

One thing about a suppressor like I mentioned on my 22 long, rifle accuracy series is that it actually starts collecting the lead debris, carbon debris and all that which entails more weight.

So it starts to collecting more weight and essentially becomes a D tuner.

So to say, but we'll, go ahead.

We'll aim, just right at that last five shot group and see if it shoots lower higher or whatnot, uh, all right.

Top left.


Okay, looks like the cold bore shift is a minimize a little bit.


Groups are definitely improved.

So far.

Interesting, everything's, quiet, huh, all right all right so I'd.

Let the barrel cool down at least 15 minutes and we'll.

Go ahead and see if there's is a cold bore shift now.

So we'll aim just right of our last Target here.

This target cam is a huge help.

Finally was a ble to get one for myself all right.

So no cold war shift interesting.

Well, maybe I spoke too soon all right.

So it's obvious that the suppressor significantly improved the group size I'd say, with that, one outlier on the right, we'll, go ahead and shoot another five shots, just to confirm that wasn't, just the ammo or me, almost zeroed out, yep, foreign that's, crazy, how much this suppressor made a big difference? One more here.


So even with the weather we have going on this thing is, uh, this thing's, a shooter with the suppressor.

Now one thing like I said, even though this is shooting very well.

This suppressor is clean there's, nothing in it so far, besides the last what 25 30 rounds.

So we don't monitor the weight.

This thing this thing could possibly start collecting a lot of debris and whatnot.

Another thing that folks are not really aware of or are just learning a suppressor with collecting all that debris on a competition setting.

We typically start with the rifle pointed up.

So when you do that all that carbon and debris starts flowing down down the bore, and that could cause your first round shot to be off.

So let me simulate that see if maybe we'll have a flyer we'll shoot at the same group there so let's see what that's that does I, definitely, yeah.

The bolt itself felt gritty as hell.

So it definitely threw a bunch of debris down the bore Let's, uh, let's, see what this thing does? Yep, so, yeah, you can see right? There, that's, uh, that's, a disadvantage of a suppressor and that legitly, um, threw a flyer.

Just just haven't had debris down the bore, and you could definitely feel it all up in the bolt.

So actually let me show you guys real quick.

Yep, you can see it all around the bolt head here.

So one of the disadvantages of shooting suppressed on the 22 for sure all right.

So I, went ahead and installed the EC tuner version one on the CZ.

And instead of boring, you guys with all the tuning and showing all the shots down range.

What I'm going to do is just fast forward the clip on this video, shooting two to three shot groups and getting this thing tuned in and I'll tell you exactly where this thing landed.

So let me go ahead and get this thing tuned in we're going to start with zero and pretty much work out two to three shot groups, we'll, see if I get this thing as accurate as I possibly can with the EC tuner foreign all right? I think, that's the setting right there all right.

So that didn't take me long at all.

It actually took me about 10 shots.

So the EC tuner definitely helped, um, I, definitely, uh.

All I did was basically shoot five shots at zero on the setting went up to five and shot.

Another fire shot group.

And that thing just started attack driving.

So the factory barrel with the EC tuner.

It works.

It works very well and Tuners could definitely help out.

But that doesn't show you the accuracy potential of a rifle we're only at 50 yards, um, so I'm, kind of a little curious, um I've been recommended SK pistol match this one is a pistol match special.

So it should be the same lubricant shouldn't have to foul the barrel with the barrel tuned as it is I, didn't, touch anything at all with EC tuner let's.

Go ahead and throw five shots, just right of the last group and see if we can get this thing to shoot good as well with the SK pistol match special I, got no clue where that thing went.

Okay, way the hell up there all right.

Good thing for the Target cam foreign kind of all over the place with SK pistol match.


Last shot here.

So the question now is does a tuner help this situation out? And the answer is actually, no, um like I've seen a lot of YouTube channels.

You know, recently playing around with the EC version 2, tuner that just doesn't seem to grasp the concept that you actually need to find the ammo that shoots well out of the rifle first, or at least do some lot testing from a different rifle.

Uh, this SK rifle match that I have here has been lot tested from my own.

You know, experiment, basically.

And this thing has absolutely shot lights out with pretty much all of my rifle builds.

So I know that this [ __ ] is at least consistent enough to produce the groups that you're seeing today.

So again, if you're going to play around with a tuner, the concept is finding the ammo that is consistent enough to produce match great accuracy.

And then the tuner will help fine-tune that as you can see, you can't go out there, throwing whatever ammunition you find off the shelf and expect a tuner to do Miracles, that's, absolutely the wrong way of doing things and you're, just wasting your freaking time along with doing videos on doing what you're doing you're just you're, not doing it right it's going to be straight up on that.

So with that said, we'll, go ahead and remove this build action off the factory stock throw into the ACC stock chassis and let's see if the groups get any better than what it is.

I mean, honestly the way it's performing with the EC tuner with the factory Barrel, it'd be kind of hard to justify this thing, needing any kind of upgrades to be honest, but that's just my experience so far all right let's get to it all right? Folks.

So I have the MDT ACC chassis.

This is actually from a good friend of mine that I'm actually re-barreling his CZ at the moment to borrow this for the video with that said, we went ahead and loaded up SK rifle match the same ammunition.

The tuner is set exactly what it was I.

Didn't do anything to the tuner at all so we're going to keep it as is will shoot a five shot group may need to refile the barrel, but we'll see that is close to that Target can Let's, uh, I'll risk it for the biscuit here, no cold bore shift.

The best benefit I can tell you right now with this ACC chassis ergonomics is a huge upgrade got my cheek.

Well, planted very tight, I feel solid thumb rest, where I want it right hand.


This is one of the best upgrades for a chassis for this system here or this type of rifle.

You see there that's shooting lights out already it's, even with the wind conditions.

We have here are all touching all right.

So that's bug, holding Factory Barrel, basically, nothing.

But EC tuner ACC.

Chassis did the groups improve looks like it did very slightly.

It could be just the fact that I'm, not, you know, floating my cheek.

Weld I got a more solid system here, um, the ACC chassis, obviously doing his job.

And it is shooting lights out.

No joke this, uh, the CZ is Factory shooting lights out as it is.

Now the downside to this whole system with that skinny ass Barrel is they uh, the balance of the rifle.

It is definitely ass heavy it's, uh, gonna need a lot of weight in order to get this thing balanced out if you're going to consider this setup for a PRS or interroll 22 setup.

So that will be the downside to having a barrel like that.

But we'll go ahead a little five more and let's.

Go get this scope adjusted and let's see if it will hold another group.

One thing like I said, is zero, Cold, War shift.

So this is one of the better barrels for hot, perhaps that I've seen out of a CZ that are shooting very well, right out of the gate.

I hit low weird get a little bit of horizontal string in that's, uh, it's.

Odd, let's.

Go ahead and uh, let's try five more I.


Think that was me, but never know tight.

Scope adjustment let's.

Go get another box here foreign kind of walking up on you.

But still a pretty good group.

Foreign see that last shot was almost the same hole, pretty much the same hole well, but I could say that that could contribute to me shooting, uh, SK pistol match is definitely coming together.

And this thing is loving the EC tuner in the setup.

So the question is, what does a custom Barrel do for you let's? Get that installed all right so got the new Barrel installed into the CZ action? The cool factor is definitely there.

This thing does feel a hell of a lot more balanced, uh, it still is ass heavy.

If you guys are close up here, this build action definitely does fill the chassis very nice could have been a little bit bigger on the barrel, but that's, just the Douglas Barrel profile that uh, I got spun up.

Um, I did ask for a 1.1, but got a one inch, which is all right thing is still they'll.

Still should shoot pretty good, hopefully, but we'll see.

So this is a 24 inch barrel.

This will be four inches longer than the factory Barrel as perspective.

Here 's the factory Barrel with the tuner.

Obviously so it's, roughly about, uh, let's say, two two to three inches longer and uh, we'll see what SK ruffle does first rounds out of this Barrel it's got a pretty high bar set.

So I think my custom Barrel is going to be sweating some bricks right now.

Target cam died on me.

Yeah, it's all right.


Go ahead and shoot a group we'll, just shoot next to the last one and uh, I'll, walk.

You guys up there, chamber's, definitely tighter.

You feel it when you uh chamber around here, I'm, hoping that didn't hit my damn tripod, all right, let's, uh, I mean, I'm on the right here, see where this thing's going you? See? Another? Huh? Yeah.

I'm just seeing more.

Yeah, I can see it? Oh, okay.

I see it.

Oh, let me just do a group on this one and see exactly where it's at foreign point of impact all right.

So that was 15 shots, Fresh, Off, The, lathe, brand, new, Barrel, let's, go ahead and walk.

You guys down there.

So those groups were the first five right here.

Fresh Off, The, lathe, I was aiming like right here and I saw it hit way over here.

So I got the scope adjusted just correctly.

Next five shots I had one drop low for some reason.

This was the flyer that I was noticing, but all four of them stacked right here in this same hole.

Next five shots, right here and that's, just from the barrel comparing this to some of the other.

Um groups here you can see that there is a slight Improvement in the group with that Barrel seems to be a little bit more consistent as far as the group size, um, we'll, go ahead and try some Elite 10x now all right.

So this Barrel is acting like it.

Absolutely hates Ely.

That was the first five shots on the elite 10x here.

And his Jess was not doing good.

It actually was like nope, but like that another five shots doesn't like that another five shots here.

And it started to come together.

So I was like, you know what let me get this thing.

A chance did another five shots.

And there was three stacking.

And then we had two outliers for some reason and the last five, um, definitely still competitive.

But I'd say, I'm, not not in my standard I'd say, that's, uh, needs a little bit Improvement.

But overall, if you take a look at the groups of the new Barrel, um, the custom Barrel did for the CZ.

It does seem to be a lot more consistent versus, you know, the shooting suppressed or shooting with a tuner, I mean that Barrel didn't need anything other than just throwing a barrel on there as done correctly, correct headspace, good chamber.

Good Barrel.

You can see that it's it's pretty much favoring SK, ammo, um every barrel kind of has its own little niche.

But it does shoot SK, very consistent we're, pretty much saying that that's that's pretty consistent loves SK pistol match special that's.

Basically, I think a sub two inch group.

Go ahead and measure that.

But overall that Barrel that's, easy 457 is definitely competitive worthy now I'd say that this does keep up with a lot of my custom rifle builds.

So we'll, go ahead and shoot the rim X.

And we are losing a little bit daylight.

So let me get this done real quick I'll show you the groups off the rim, X and we'll.

Compare the complete done up CZ 457, fully upgraded outfitted with a new Barrel ACC chassis What DOT, compared to a custom rifle complete build rimx.

All right.

So I am losing daylight.

Let me show you guys the groups on the rimax.

So the rimax is definitely not picky.

And let me explain what's going on here.

So the first five shots was SK Rifle, right here.

Um did another five shots.

Right here.

You can see that thing is tack driving switched over to SK pistol, special match five shots here, didn't, really like it as much.

And then another five shots here.

I, then went ahead and shot, Elite, 10x and there's actually, five shots right there, uh, next five right there.

And then the last five right there, well, folks it's safe to say that the rimx rifle does offer a little bit of advantage and what I mean by a little bit of advantage that's.

My opinion, obviously is that the ergonomics are are very awesome, smooth action, um, the benefit with having a nice bull barrel like that a 120 straight Contour and a huge rigid action.

The way it is it offers basically the rifle to be less.

Picky, downrange, that's been my experience so far now, the CZ fully outfitted is obviously going to be cheaper, not much cheaper to be honest, but still cheaper, and it definitely will keep up with the Remax rifle.

But it is a little bit more picky.

So the moral of this whole story and moral of this video.

Basically, the purpose of it is basically the Showcase that the rifle is only half the battle I said, this a lot of times in my videos, the ammo makes a huge difference.

And some out some rifles are pickier than others.

Some rifles will outshoot other rifles, obviously, but what I consider a accurate rifle is something that you could take out to the range and just throw whatever you want at it, throw Elite, 10x, SK, rifle match, perhaps elite team.

You know, anything of the cheaper stuff, even the SK pistol and go out there and compete, competitively, well, that's the results for today's testing guys, let me know what you think comment below weather conditions weren't the best.

But you know, what did shoot pretty well even off the bag in my opinion, comment below guys, let me know what you guys think and thanks for watching I catch you guys on the next video.


What are the improvements to the CZ 457? ›

The CZ 457 series of rimfire rifles has several features that are said to be improvements over the older CZ 452 and 455 series such as a more easily adjustable trigger, a redesigned safety and bolt release, and a 60° bolt throw.

Are CZ 457 accurate? ›

Accuracy while testing the CZ 457 exceeded expectations. Five-shot, 50-yard groups all measured less than a half-inch — from all match loads tested! One magazine is included with each CZ 457 LRP, and it holds five rounds of . 22 LR.

What is the best barrel length for CZ 457? ›

Depends on what you want to do with the rifle. 16-20” barrels usually result in reaching the manufacturer spec ammo velocities. Over 20” you can see velocity drop somewhat.

What is the thread pitch of a CZ 457? ›

The CZ 457 Premium is a model that will impress all fans of classically shaped hunting rifles. Its premium walnut stock features a cheekpiece and decorative forend tip made from high-grade material. The 630 mm light profile barrel has a 1/2x20 muzzle thread for the attachment of a suppressor.

What is the most accurate CZ rifle? ›

The CZ-457 rifle has rightfully earned the reputation of being a highly capable and accurate 22 bolt action rifle right out of the box.

Is CZ 457 discontinued? ›

CZ 457 Training Rifle-Discontinued

Discontinued 2022.

Does the CZ 457 at one have a match chamber? ›

This specially designed rifle is equipped with a varmint barrel with MATCH chamber and a laminated wood stock from the well-known American brand Boyds, which features an easily adjustable butt pad and comb. Its classic sling studs are complemented by a quick-release loop and a QD socket on each side of the stock.

What is the length of pull on a CZ 457 at one? ›

Using the popular Boyd's AT-ONE® stock as its basis, this 457 Varmint variant makes an ideal trainer for the whole family. With the push of a button, length of pull can be adjusted from 12.5”to 14.25”.

What is the best barrel length for 300 yards? ›

Based on feedback from shooting experts, the best barrel length for . 300 Blackout suppressed is 8 to 10 inches. If your barrel is 8 to 10 inches, attaching a 6-inch suppressor will take the barrel's length to 14 to 16-inches.

What barrel length do snipers use? ›

Military sniper rifles tend to have barrel lengths of 610 mm (24 in) or longer to allow the cartridge propellant to fully burn, reducing the amount of revealing muzzle flash and increasing muzzle velocity. Police sniper rifles may use shorter barrels to improve handling characteristics.

What is the best barrel length for carry? ›

Compact firearms are usually about a 4” barrel. Most concealed carry holders will recommend a sub-compact, those are also the most popular firearms to carry every day. At roughly 3” in barrel length and a lot of options for single stack (making your gun thinner) these are a great option for a comfortable all day carry.

What size dovetail is CZ 457? ›

CZ 457 Rimfire Rifles - 11mm (60 degree) Dovetail.

How much is a CZ 457 thumbhole? ›

The CZ 457 Thumbhole costs 649 euro.

What is the most common 9mm thread pitch? ›

1/2×28 is typically the most common thread for 9mm weapons, with the following exceptions: H&K: M13.

Is CZ more accurate than a Glock? ›

Simply put, the CZ 75 just shoots better. You're going to be hard-pressed to find somebody who doesn't agree with that. That being said, you can probably run a Glock 19 100% as well as the CZ 75.

Is CZ as good as Glock? ›

My preference is the CZ P09, I love this gun. That being said, the Glock 17 MOS is certainly not far behind. Both are well made and reliable. They are excellent home defense guns and even well-suited for concealed carry if you can handle a duty-sized gun.

How long will a CZ last? ›

How Long Does Cubic Zirconia Last? Cubic zirconia is considerably less durable than a real diamond. They can be worn daily for between 2 to 3 years and up to 5 years if someone wears them occasionally. As cubic zirconia stones age, they tend to become scratched and cloudy.

What is the effective range of a CZ pistol? ›

CZ 75
Actionshort recoil, tilting barrel, double/single
Rate of firesemi-automatic CZ 75 Automatic: 1,000 RPM
Effective firing range25 m (for 9 mm CZ-75 family and CZ-75 automatic)
Feed systemdetachable box magazine, 10–26 rds depending on version and caliber
22 more rows

What is the best CZ for law enforcement? ›

The CZ P-10 C features downsized dimensions, an innovative design and large firing capacity. It's the perfect choice for missions that require high accuracy, superior ergonomics and rugged reliability.

What military uses CZ? ›

Czech Republic: Used by the Czech Armed Forces. Also used by Czech police forces.

Can I dry fire CZ 457? ›

Unloading of the Rifle

- Remove the magazine in the manner already described - Open the bolt and check to ensure that the cartridge has been extracted from the chamber and ejected - Close the bolt - Depress the trigger (dry fire) Note: The manufacturer does not recommend frequent dry firing of the gun.

Is Colt taking over CZ? ›

Česká zbrojovka Group completed the purchase on 24 May 2021 and renamed itself Colt CZ Group SE on 12 April 2022.

Are any CZ guns made in USA? ›

In cooperation with CZ-USA, the production of the first CZ firearms was launched in Kansas City, Kansas. These include selected models of the successful CZ P-10 series of pistols.

What magazines will fit a CZ 457? ›

Original CZ magazine for CZ 457 models, CZ 512 models and CZ 455 models. Fits also older CZ rimfires.

Where is the CZ 457 made? ›

22 Long Rifle for testing. Manufactured in the Czech Republic by Ceska Zbrojovka a.s. Uhersky Brod and imported by CZ-USA, the 457 American boasts a new, slab-sided receiver, machined from ETG 100 bar stock, that is an inch shorter than that of the 455 American, reducing both its weight and its footprint.

How long should my length of pull for a rifle? ›

Many rifles and shotguns are manufactured with a standard length of pull assumed to fit most shooters. This is often approximately 13.5 in (34 cm) for rifles and about 2 cm (0.8 in) longer for shotguns.

What is the length of pull on a CZ 457 varmint precision chassis? ›

The MBA-4 is a stripped-down version of Luth-AR's more expensive stocks, but it retains the features you need. Instead of employing a lever, length of pull is adjusted by pulling down on a locking pin and sliding the stock to the desired position. Length of pull ranges from 11 to 14 inches.

What is the best barrel length for 500 yards? ›

Optimal Barrel Lengths for 6.5 Grendel Hunting Rifles

Even better, an 18-inch barrel combined with a 6.5 Grendel round can generate enough power to take down most deer-sized targets at 500 yards.

What barrel length did Cowboys use? ›

The Single Action Army became available in standard barrel lengths of 43⁄4 inch, 51⁄2 inch, as well as the Cavalry standard, original 71⁄2 inch. The shorter barrelled revolvers are sometimes called the "Civilian" or "Gunfighter" model ( 43⁄4 inch) and the Artillery Model ( 51⁄2 inch).

What is the effective range of 300 Blackout 9 inch barrel? ›

Using M4 military standards, the max effective range of 300 AAC Blackout from a 16 inch barrel is 460 meters. From a 9 inch barrel (2050 fps): – 100 inches drop at 410 meters – 41 inches drift at 470 meters – 291 ft-lbs of energy at 625 meters, so 440 meter max effective range for a 9 inch.

What sniper rifle did Chris Kyle use? ›

a Remington 700/300, Later type classified as a MK13 Mod 1, .300 Winchester Magnum sniper rifle with McMillan stock and customized barrel, which was later replaced with a .300 Winchester Magnum Accuracy International, Various rifles chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum used for long-range shooting.

What scope do Navy SEAL snipers use? ›

typically fitted with Bausch & Lomb or Leupold 10x scopes.

What barrel length do Navy Seals use? ›

SEAL Recon Rifle
DesignerU.S. Navy SEAL armorers Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division
Barrel length16 inch (406 mm)
Cartridge5.56×45mm NATO Mk 262 Mod 0
12 more rows

What barrel length does special forces use? ›

Barrel length options for the SOAR are in 10.5", 11.5", 14.5", 16", 18", and 20" lengths. Known upgrades are known as the 10.5 Mk2, 10.5 Mk2-2 and the 11 Mk2.

What barrel length does Delta Force use? ›

Today, Delta Force weapons and gear alternate between the HK416 and M4 as its primary rifle. What is this? The HK416 Carbine features 4 different barrel lengths (10.4 inches, 14.5 inches, 16.5 inches, and 20 inches) for different types of conflicts.

What is the most common barrel length? ›

Here is a brief guideline:
  • Sporting Clays: 28” to 34”, most popular 30”
  • Skeet: 26” to 32”, most popular 28”
  • Trap: 32” to 34”, most popular 34” single barrel.
  • Upland: 24” to 30”, most popular 26”
  • Waterfowl: 28” to 32”, most popular 30” Auto.

What is the best dovetail ratio? ›

If the drawer side was wider, a 1:4 ratio might be considered, with very good mechanical strength, great dovetail definition, and fewer dovetails to cut.

What is the best dovetail angle? ›

Any angle between 7° and 15° will work, regardless of the wood. But stay within that range. If you go below 7°, you'll start to lose the mechanical strength of the dovetail. Go above 15°, and you'll leave too much short grain at the tips of the tails, which weakens the joinery.

Is 11mm the same as 3 8 dovetail? ›

The 3/8 Inch is measured across the bottom of the dovetail whereas the 11 mm is measured across the top of the dovetail. A 3/8 Inch dovetail is about 12.7 mm across the top. The measurements 3/8 and 11mm are not the same for this reason plus the angles are different.

What is the best CZ pistol for self defense? ›

Best CZ Guns for Competition
  1. CZ Shadow 2. The Shadow 2 comes in on the heels of the famed Shadow line, and like most CZ pistols, it comes from the CZ 75 design. ...
  2. CZ P-10 F Competition Ready. The Best Gun Deals, Coupons and Finds. ...
  3. CZC A01-LD. ...
  4. CZ 75 TS Czechmate. ...
  5. CZ Tactical Sport 2.
Aug 2, 2022

What is the smallest CZ pistol? ›

The P-10 series borrows the popular ergonomics of the metal-frame CZ 75 pistols, creating an effective and comfortable polymer-framed striker-fired pistol. The CZ P-10M is the most compact version of the P-10 series and fits into the highly competitive micro-compact 9mm pistol market.

Does CZ make a shotgun? ›


A simple 12-gauge pump action shotgun with a durable polymer stock and reduced length, 47 cm barrel with fixed cylinder choke. The result is a compact, reliable and powerful firearm especially suited for home defense, while also being a great choice for competing in IPSC disciplines.

What is the hottest 9 mm ammo? ›

The Federal HST +P 124 gr round is the top performing 9mm self-defense ammo. It has the highest muzzle velocity, at 1172 ft/s. It also features the highest energy at 378 ft/lbs of energy. These factors alone make it your best option in hollow point ammunition.

Which thread class has the loosest tolerance? ›

Classes 1A and 1B are considered an extremely loose tolerance thread fit. This class is suited for quick and easy assembly and disassembly.

What thread pitch is stronger? ›

The potential benefits of fine threads are:

Size for size, a fine thread is stronger than a coarse thread. This is both in tension (because of the larger stress area) and shear (because of their larger minor diameter). Because of the smaller pitch, they allow finer adjustments in applications that need such a feature.

Did CZ discontinue the 457? ›

CZ 457 Training Rifle-Discontinued

Discontinued 2022.

Is it OK to dry fire a CZ 457? ›

Unloading of the Rifle

- Remove the magazine in the manner already described - Open the bolt and check to ensure that the cartridge has been extracted from the chamber and ejected - Close the bolt - Depress the trigger (dry fire) Note: The manufacturer does not recommend frequent dry firing of the gun.

Does dry firing damage the gun? ›

Dry fire does not pose any real risk of damage to most modern centerfire firearms; however, it can for rimfire weapons, where the firing pin in most designs will impact the breech face if the weapon is dry-fired.

What happens if you dry fire a pellet gun? ›

You should never ever dry fire a gas or spring piston air gun. The violent piston impact with no resistance could absolutely damage it.

Should I dry fire my gun before storing it? ›

Don't dry fire. The rim of the cartridge contains the primer material. The hammer or firing pin has a ridge which compresses the rim in a small spot to ignite the primer.

Does any military use CZ? ›

You can also take advantage of our technology transfer option. CZ service guns are standard equipment of the Czech Republic's armed forces and police agencies, as well as a number of international armed forces.

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