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A review of the Weaver tactical- style scope- mounted picatinny adater.
These are a great budget option for mounting a red dot on your primary optic for rapid target acquisition or CQB.

Disclaimer: these are purchased with my own money and I am not sponsored by them in any way.

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Hey, guys, it's been a little while, but uh, I want to talk to you today about the weaver tactical style, scope mounted picatinny, adapters it's, kind of a mouthful, but that's the name.

They give it.


So specifically, what we're talking about is this guy right here.

That's holding this red dot above, uh, my primary optic, um, I got these because I was looking for something to hold these red dots over my primary optics, uh, you know, on this ar platform, it's kind of a backup red dot, uh.

But like on this long range bolt gun.

It works great I'm.

Sure you've seen plenty of instagram photos and stuff out there.

Guys running those red dots for rapid target acquisition.

Uh, you know, I got this set up kind of not even zeroed, really but set up for 400 yard targets, uh that way if I'm, you know, transitioning from 400 to 800.

I can look through this red dot if my target is small and hard to find or just when I'm at max magnification since your field of view is really narrow.

I can use these red dots to rapidly find that target or to use as a secondary on this ar platform for extremely close targets, rather than focusing on the the primary uh, scope or optic that I'm running, uh.

So a few things with them, the msrp at roughly 43.95, or they have them listed at 43.95.

I have seen them, uh, depending on where you look midway, usa, has them.


I've seen them on.


Amazon just be a little careful there because of you know depending on what third party is selling them and stuff, uh.

But I've seen them as low as like 25, or if you find them on sale, they're so they're, super super reasonable, uh, nice, part with them.

They are going to be, uh, t15s on on these uh screws.

So like these are warns over here.

And I got a loopholed one piece on on this guy.

So nice part is these all run a t-15.

So when I'm using a tool to adjust or change it, I got I don't have to switch the the heads so it's nice that they use a really common sized.

Screw, uh, just because that's, what a lot of these mounts are running so t15, they are torqued.

When I've when when you set them up, they torque to about 18 inch pounds, um and that you know with with them, depending on what kind of other mount you are running like I said, this is a loopholed.

This gap that you have from the bottom of the rail to the optic itself is roughly 3 8 of an inch gap.

So depending on what you have for your your mount here, or depending on how much you want to run over the bell, or maybe the the you know with like a throw lever or anything like that.

Uh, it does give you a decent amount of room to move that.

I've been running them for quite some time.

I had an incident like with this firearm where it fell from from my truck landed, uh, you know, on right on the top.

I didn't have the red dot on it at the time.

But I did have the the rail on there and uh, you know, landed right right on the the head of the you know, the scope and everything.

And that that piece held up just fine it's, machined machine to let aluminum, um and hadn't had any issues with it haven't had something come off of zero like I said, this is more of a zeroed optic because I am using it for as a backup more of a backup optic if I needed it for close close quarters.

So this is getting zeroed at roughly like that 50 yard mark 25 to 50, um kind of playing around with that.

Zero, um.

But the nice part is you can with with that they they make these in one inch and 30 millimeters depend on your optics.

So if you got like the big 34, 35 millimeter tubes, they don't have those.

But the nice part is is you can can't these right? So if you want to run it to your left or right based on your eye dominancy, you can certainly do that which is really awesome.

And obviously, the price point is amazing, because if you look at some of the competitors one, they don't always offer it to mount on the tube, which you know is is its own thing.

Uh, they typically go right on the the base or the main mounts and are a complete replacement for your top piece downside to that is it's, usually name brand so you're, looking at like badger, ordnance and unity tactile.

Or just, you know, those big names out there, trijicon, whatever.

And so they get really expensive like just that top mount piece for your red dot with that little pikachu rail, or you know, or just for a delta point pro or trijicon you're, looking at like a hundred dollars just for that one piece right? And this is obviously super budget.

Friendly allows you to get the same options out of you know what these other guys are running with like a high dollar gun, but it gives you options.

If you want to run either, 45 straight over the top, or or you know, canted either way.

So it gives you a lot of different options as far as what you want to do there at a really good price point that allows you to, you know, kind of at least get your foot in the game or play with it and see what you want to do.

Maybe you want them, you know, it allows you to go.

Well, you know, do I start spending the money and and go with something that's gonna? You know be high dollar, but do I want over the top or do? I want a canted option.

And so you can get something cheap to play with different setups and not have to spend a lot of money on on one just to find out that's, not what I was looking for, um so really awesome.

If you've been looking for something to to run a backup red dot on a primary optic, I I strongly encourage you take a look at these like I said to the the weaver optics, um, long name, tactical style, scope mounted picatinny adapters.

If you go on the weaver website, you can find them pretty easy on their main site.

If you go to midway you just I would just search weaver, weaver, uh, scope mounts.

And it should show up in that pretty easy on there.

I haven't opticsplanets has been hit and miss with them.

Um, this is I, you know, I bought these with my own money, uh, there's.

No, I don't get anything out of it, um.

But just wanted to share my opinion on these like I said, they've been really awesome.

I really encourage you to take a look at them.

Um again, I've I've been happy with running them really simple to install, um.

Once you get your scope leveled.

I just throw a level on top of that little picatinny part get that leveled up throw my red dot on you're good to go, um.

And then obviously unless you're gonna run it canted, then, uh, do what you want with it and go from there, um.

But yeah, just wanted to share that certainly something out there for you to consider if you're looking for a way to run a backup red dot have a good one guys.

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